Sunday, January 20 2019

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Established in 1980 and headquartered in Farmington Hills Michigan, ScapeLogic was created to sponsor innovation in technology opportunities through a pursuit of vertical focus, channel distribution and user experience.

ScapeLogic actively listens for opportunities to innovate. Are you an opportunity?

Are you an entrepreneur? If you have the passion to solve a unique problem, help us understand the opportunity so we can solve it together.

Are you an investor? Do you have capital to put to work? Let's talk about ScapeLogic's track record in creating value and returns.

Are you a professional? If you have experience executing in a vertical we're chasing, we'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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Across tens of millions in revenue, thousands of customers, and multi-million exits with private and publicly traded companies, the ScapeLogic fund has averaged a 4.6x return since 2003.